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Oct 21, 2023

Black Friday Deals You DONT want to miss

It's that time of the year again, when the air is filled with excitement and anticipation. Yes, it's Black Friday! Well, not yet....but 2023 you will surely see deals come out EARLY in november

Add these items to your carts NOW!!! And put that deal alert reminder on.

These deals were featured in amazon's "deal days" and are SURE to return for the enfamis black friday month-long on and off specials. 

Also, THESE PRODUTS BELOW are amazon basics, amazon brand, or highly favored by the company so we are sure they will go on sale in just a few short weeks! 


1.  Electronics

It is no secret that our guests want bigger, larger, and quicker smart TVs!

Add them to your bunk nook, hang them on the wall, And mount those remotes.

Amenities, amenites, amenities....if it doesnt check that box & wow viewers, they will indefinitely scroll on by.

Smart TVs

We all know smart TV's go on sale around the time of black friday. And just a reminder that Amazon LOVES these brands. This year is also going to be a HUGE year for online shopping. cannot say it enough, have it READY because they will sell out once the prices drop.

Amazon LOVES insignia, and this 50" will be BELOW $249, just as it was for big deal days


Smart Door Locks

Schlage encode, kiwi quickset? Those are OUR two choices.

Why? Schlage encode worked great with our apps like hospitable, airbnb automation, yet failed us as far as being in a very humid climate near the beach. MANY people have commented on how you have to have these mounted a certain way to keep moisture out. 

Kiwi Quickset? While the app is slow to load codes or change once a guest is checking in early, the locks have NEVER failed us or caused issues of diconnection to the point of having to go to the property or someone go for us. And that loyalty has been huge! We have to change the batteries often, but feel it is definitely worth that tradeoff.

Schlage link >>>_______<<<<

KIWI quickset LINK >>>_____<<<<

2.  Linen & Towels

6-pack utopia white towel set

Featuring: 6-pack cabana stripe towels

6-pack turkish thin beach towels

Queen Sheet Set 400 cotton thread count

4-Pack Pillow Inserts 18X18

2-pack down alternative king pillow Set

Why do we provide all kinds of towels? Our guests appreciate them AND we get to check more amenity boxes! More boxes = higher up in the ranking in search!!!

3. Bathroom Updates

Utopia brand bath towel/mats LINK (machine washable)

2-pack is just $14!!! Already on sale (I purchased ours for $20)

SECRET TIP: ***our cleaner insists on these rather than cute / colored memory foam mats because of the build up / odor / necessity to vacuum rather than wash!

This towel warmer is barely over $100 <<<LINK>>>

Things like this are sure to bring a different kind of experience to your guests. And items like these make the difference between staying in a hotel and staying in a luxury, top-rated short term rental unit.

4. Kitchen & Living

5-star explanation magnet<<<LINK>>>

Ok look, honestly if you get nothing else (or take away nothing else) from this post, know that this has saved my butt a few times! From earning me several deserved 5-star reviews because it is at the refridgerator of ALL of our properties, to actually backing me up in getting a guest to remove one. THAT is a win in of itself, a 3-star review was removed and i was able to justify the fact she did not take note of several things on property we had and did!!! POWERFUL

wifi password sign

WIFI PASSWORD chalkboard sign<<<LINK>>>

and on the list of things we do NOT want to get messages from over, and over, and over again......^^^^. WIFI. We place it in several spots in the home. Keeps our phone busy with ACTUAL distractions and needs, not simple things we couldve been proactive with. 

Toss Accross Game<<<LINK>>>

FLOOR is lava game <<<LINK>>>

Upside down challenge<<<LINK>>>

JENGA stack em <<<LINK>>>

Let. Me. Tell. You. Why you want to have games stored away in your vacation home. 

What do guests do on days it rains? What are guests still looking for?


They can either A. Walk around your property and find everything that is wrong with the place (whcih we know how that ends...) or B. Be delighted in some cloudy weather day - options and fun to be had.

SURPRISE TIP: Why did i choose THESE games? they arent messy. That easy. I have learned the hard way, going through cabinets and doing inspections....things get lost. A LOT. 

5. Outdoor

Patio 3-heat mode + Timer <CLICK here>

This Indoor / Outdoor heater is priced at barely over $100. Take photos of this special ad and be SURE to attract guests as these winter months approach! Add it to your cart if its not cold enough to see the value YET ;)


We all have to stay up to date with trends, little things we can add, and items to make us bring more value to our guests while maximizing our revenue!!! Follow my board for more property ads.

All of the above links are amazon affiliate paid commissionable links and i thank and support everyone who took the time to shop with me.