Top 3 Mattresses for January 2024 White Sale

Dec 15, 2023

So at the tip top of things that will fall on sale BIG TIME at the end of December - January 2024 comes something we use every day.

In fact, we spend 25% of our day on this...sometimes more for us lucky few souls out there. (I have a 2 and 4 year old...still waiting to be lucky again). White Sale or New Years Sales usually encompass all things "home" - linens, towels, and...mattresses!

Since most mattress companies will drop their sales online (noone goes in stores any more to buy a mattress! No, seriously. Since 2020 mattress sales online have increased by just under 45%. 

With a recent re-design and upgrade in 2 of our rental units for vacation rentals, we had to upgrade and decided to go with a KING. Always on a budget, we price shoped the best mattresses, best reviews, and best types. Here is the short of our findings.

1. Hybrid is the way to go.

I am sorry, but this type of mattress suits everyone! The hint is...get a firm box spring built in hybrid with a soft eurotop. I have NEVER had so many compliements on a bed before.

3 of our top picks (2 used).

ZINUS Pressure Relief EURO top iCoil Hybrid Mattress

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Why Hybrids? - Not only does it satisfy both the need for firm yet plush, the price point is very nice since you dont need an additional box spring that can be >$150. For a king, this mattress is less than $500 and is our TOP pick for amazing review both personally from guests and online on Zinus' website. 

They are featuring a promotion right now (December 2023) and offering 2-day shipping as well. 

Oh and Zinus apparently offers a 100 night trial + 10-year warranty. 

Last but not least, they are certipur. This means their foam is: "CertiPUR-US® Since most people spend so much time in bed, we feel like they should be snuggling on the healthiest of foams.​​​​

Made without ozone depleting substances​​​​​​​

Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants​​​​​​​Made without mercury, lead and heavy metals​​​​​​​

Made without formaldehyde​​​​​​​

Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)."-Zinus' Website

Amazon Hybrid Quilted King 14"

Great for low-profile beds, this mattress comes in a 10, 12 or 14" for those that like to be a little higher up when not using a box spring! This is also a zinus brand mattress but on amazon if people just feel more comfortable ordering form there!

Step 1 = stick it in your cart

Step 2 = watch and wait for the sales to pour in

Step 3 = Save money  + get a great night sleep!

2. Gel Foam - Firm?

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zinus mattress twin gel memory foam white sale new years mattress
Cool Green Tea Gel Mattress 

The Fiberglass Free foam also provides the green tea inclusion packed with antioxidant-rich green tea and natural charcoal, these foam layers block odors while molding to the shape of your body for a customized fit.

When trying to find another green tea rich gel mattress, it was HARD! Looks like Zinus takes the cake when it comes to the gel - tea specialty.

This one below is on amazon - queen and large thickness

queen sinus gel green tea infused mattress


3.  Affordable & Thickness

If you are on a tigher budget, we do recommend getting & price shopping your box spring or base, simple a bed frame will do for most of these mattresses. Considering you go up $20-$30 on your bedrame height, maybe you save in the 'thickness' / or height of your mattress! You should still feel the plushness and comforting effects, but can save hundreds of dollars by going with a 10" versus a 12".

Take a peek here:

***This one we have for our bunks - both at home and at our rentals!

Novilla 8" Twin Mattress

Dont forget your Mattress Protectors!!!

Wait a minute....I mean, Mattress ENCASEMENTS

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UTOPIO MATTRESS ENCASEMENTS is what we buy.Parents with children who may wet the bed & Short term rental hosts trying to PREVENT BED BUGS. - TAKE notice.

ENCASEMENTS - is what you need. Not that 'protector' garbage. 

Utopia is my GO - TO brand for rugs, towels & protectors. 

Amaszon sells them for $20-$30!!!-link