Stocking Stuffers & Employee Gifts

Dec 09, 2023

Moms, Bosses, & Boss Babe's: If youre like me and last minute + are ideas for your employees, spouse, kids, neives/nephews, teachers.....and even your dog.

As the holiday season approaches (in two weeks), it's time to finish up with fun stocking stuffers for your family or employee gifts. From small tokens of appreciation to more meaningful presents, we've got you covered with some great ideas for this year's VERY last minute gifts.

Stocking Stuffers

1. Kids' Digital Camera

My son was gifted this exact camera for his birthday 6 months ago and LOVES it! He is 4 years old for reference, and my 2 year old loves it as well! So easy to work and the photos are (sometimes) precious! He loves the tech and control aspect, and it has taken MANY beatings...still works like a charm.

LINK HERE <<<___>>>

They come in all kids of fun colors - Pink, Purple, light blue...we have this blippi-inspired (or nerf) one as shown above.

2. Shower Bombs

I have purchased these for my neighbors, work friends, hair dresser, teachers, you name it! Tell me a person, woman or man (my husband uses them all the time) that wouldnt benefit from a eucalyptus bomb in the winter time with all of these stuffy noses and sinus drainage!


3. Tech Accessories

Small gadgets like phone stands, earbuds cases, or portable chargers are perfect stocking stuffers for tech-savvy employees or family members.

Earbuds: JBL Wireless

LINK HERE FOR 50% off JBL Earbuds

<<LINKBluetooth Beanie WITH light!>>

At $25, I cant find that at bass pro...they may have one with a light, but this one is from amazon!

This Survival Guide Credit Card tool is only $5!!! Grab one quick to make your man smile, your coworker laugh, or your dad light up with joy knowing it may just see him out of a sticky situation one day.


Tech Accessory Organizer

This case comes in Blue, Grey, & Black also! <<LINK HERE>>

Car Accessories

Scent Sachet Bags

These little Scent Sachet Bags (THREE PACK LINK HERE) are perfect to stick in the car, shoe closet, office drawers, and even the garage! Split the pack between you and hubs or pass it along to frineds for a unique, affordable find.

Paw-friendly Finds

dog collar, dog tags, stocking stuffers for dogs


This Two-pack of elk Antlers is sure to get your furry friend's tail waggin! Splurge at christmas time for the bigger size, and let that pup chew until his heart is content. (just no raw-hide please! Vet-approved bones only!)


Employee Gifts

1. Cozy Ear Muffs with Bluetooth Headphones built in

For a frequent traveler, airplane rides, runners, bikers, gym goers, how stinking neat!!!

CLICK HERE for ear muff headphones <<<___HERE___>>>

2. Under The Desk Stationary Bike

Please tell me I am not the only one over here who has never seen one of these! I mean, lets just take a moment to really consider how amazing this type of an invention is. It gives the power to those who "sit" for work, with a desk job, a sedentary position, and allows for exercise!!! A powerful way to impact their health, increase their mood, control body weight, and limit any kind of consequential health problems in the future! Tell me that isnt a gift that keeps giving.


3. Gift Cards

When in doubt, gift cards are always a hit. Consider cards for popular retailers, restaurants, or online services to give your employees the freedom to choose their own taste.

Remember, it's the thought that counts---so choose places they may stop for coffee on the way to clean your property, or their favorite resturant at the resort, the local coffee shop closest to school, or the resturant they hit on their lunch-break!

Pair the 'gift' card with a holiday card - write a special note to elevate the thought spread to those special individuals.

Top Gift Cards for 2023: Sephora - Amazon - Netflix - Target - Starbucks - Dominos 

4. Subscriptions for Audible or Apple Music

I gotta say, this has been a game-changer for me as a busy mom and busy owner. And for your cleaner, handyman, virtual assistant, assistant manager, or even family member....this could be a life-changing way to consume information and improve their daily life.

I cant tell you how many books I have completed since starting my subscription last year. Cosnuming info in the listening aspect rather than with no sound/just reading, has really allowed me to learn and grow in so many aspects. 

Wether I am driving down the road, folding laundry, walking the dog....the books are actually finished! Or the playlists are created to please my kiddos (which in return creates fun experiences for me as a mother)

booking flight travel traveler search ticket reservation holiday air book research plan job space technology startup service professional now marketing equipment concept - stock image


Plans start at $7.95 per month after free trial. No commitments, cancel anytime.
Audible Plus $7.95/month: listen all you want to thousands of included titles in the Plus Catalog.
Audible Premium Plus $14.95/month: includes the Plus Catalog + 1 credit per month for any premium selection title.
Audible Premium Plus Annual $149.50/year: includes the Plus Catalog + 12 credits a year for any premium selection titles.

5. Personalized Tumbler

These below are 40oz >trendy< tumblers, and will still make it here before christmas!!!

Nurses, Teachers, Nieces, Daughters, Mothers, babysitters I know so many who would love one of these in any of these colors!!!


stocking stuffers

6. Monogrammed Stationairy Cards

Ok, now I am just starting to show my southern. But, these cards are so perfect for teachers, directors, office staff, mom, grandma, sister, aunt, I just love how so many times we need "anything/everything" thank you cards, not cards, welcome cards, and this pack touches it all.

Best will be delivered before christmas!

Monogrammed Stationary Personalized Pack LINK HERE

We hope you and your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, teachers, cleaners, and everyone around you has a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season. I think it is so very important to just remind everyone where true "joy" comes from, through any season any time of year. Celebrate Jesus' birth and remind others how to love with kindness and heart. Peace & comfort to you all.

*Disclaimer: The links included on this page in this article contains some "affiliate" links, where a small portion of what you may purchase could benefit me as the writer of this content. Me and my family appreciate any support you had in the shopping and consuming of information here with me and under our business brand as it grows.

-Yours Truly,

Leah Y