Local Love - Fall Edition

Oct 09, 2023

One thing I am absolutely obsessed over is The Press Coffee Shop located at The Laketown Wharf Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida.

We all love going to places that just feel....local. Right?

The employees here never make you feel rushed, judged, or bad for making any kind of requests to alter one of the menu items! Which complicated me LOVES to do. (i.e. Strawberries and creme crepe ADD nutella please, and double the whip). No Big Deal!

Also, who doesnt love a good seasonal drink? As fall is upon us, these ladies create the best Pumpkin, Cider & Autumn brews served in frappe's, latte's, iced, hot, double shot, you get it.

Their chill vibe is completed on the interior with several seating areas including a couch and chair (come on....how can you really vibe in a coffee shop that doesnt have a couch in it).

Oh, and dont love coffee? No problem here.

How about morning mimosas? Apple Cider Mimossa to warm you up?

They always keep pastries and muffins on hand along with thier breakfast crepes and charcuterie boards.




This place cant speak to my heart any more! Love the staff, love the friendliness and local smiles "Hey youre back".

Check out The Press at Laketown Wharf Nextime you visit Panama City Beach, youll be in for a real treat as youre so welcomed and feel right at home.

Hours are usually every day of the week 7AM-2PM.