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Mar 22, 2024By leah yuhasz
leah yuhasz
Beach Table Da Nang

Ill Give you the full list below:

And I will also tell you it is a little in every room.
Tell me a time you've stayed somewhere and you felt shorted. Say, a bath cloth. There wasn't enough....or they didn't leave ANY paper towels...
What if you walked in the other room and saw there was laundry detergent and more than enough toiler paper for the week?
Deescalated the situation didn't I?
We do leave paper towels and plenty of bath cloths.

But we also leave:
-Plenty of trash bags (usually 3)

-2 laundry pods

-Welcome basket with 5-6 snack bags

-Kitchen garbage bags (minimum of 3)

-4 bath towels + 4 bath cloths + 2 hand towels/PER bathroom

-Additional bathroom trash bags

-dishwasher pods

-dishwashing liquid

-dish sponge

-atleast 2 rolls of toilet paper PER bathroom

-black makeup towel

You know what I don't get (anymore)?
Messages about toilet paper.
This was a huge change for us this year.
The year of leaving enough. And guess what... it has worked WELL!

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