Home Design Updates 2023-2024 Edition

Dec 11, 2023

Some of these items you may have caught our videos or reviews for, and these are products we are entirely happy with and love! 

With easy, simple ads, these items were curated with easy-to-clean, cost effective, and fail-proof-design in mind. We like to make it easy to mix and match and items that carry us through each season. With two young busy toddlers and a Dog (lab) that sheds like crazy! Our cleaners, my husband, and myself appreciate these pieces that elevate our space while respecting our budget and lifestyle simultaneously.

1.  Area Rug

This Cream Threshold rug from Target was purchased this month (December 2023) and you may have seem my video on insta unboxing it! To say I have waited long enough...well 6 months....and I am finally happy with a rug!

It is a cotton/wool blend, and the size was what we were looking for! 7X10, and less than $200 (at the time of purchase there was a target circle 15% off). This definitely filled up our space, yet opened it all up with the neutral, light airy feel that matches perfect with our living space!

Link below, dont drag your feet like i did! Merry Early Christmas and happy New Years

Target Threshold SIZE 7X10 Cream Color Cotton Rug LINK HERE

(Taken in our home December 2023)

As you can see below, we love to have friends over, but our walls, photos, floors, couch is a blend of creme! And check out that dingy rug we were piling on before (gross).

This precious serena and lily inspired scalloped rug below is used in our condo rental and is the perfect hint of charm and style for an entryway!

Tiny little sneak peak Scalloped rug link CLICK here

2.  Throw Pillows

This Navy large throw we used at our rental, on our newly renovated condo - KING size bed. (Headboard also from target). But since I needed 3 instead of two (you can see the difference below), it was a quick and easy add. They have held up very well, and that is super important. We want our guests to know they are walking into the same place they booked online and it is as close to photographed as possible!


This on the left is with 2 blue pillows (and obviously no bed skirt) , the photo on the right shows the added pillow and of course...professional photography! Definitely important to add those things.

3.  Basket / hampers

You honestly dont want to know how many months we spent throwing our clothes in the bottom of our closet after moving homes, and carrying them UP THE STAIRS!!! Our laundry was never organized, never done, and while this basket didnt just change out life....it did inspire me to say "Ok, now that i am caught up....I will take our clothes once this gets full and actually, do my chores. "

Also, baught the matching one to go in our bathroom closet. Now, our 4 - year - old puts his on clothes in there if he showers in our bathroom at night! Proud is an understatement.



Some of these links above are affiliate links, such as amazon affiliate program where we will be able to earn a small comission if you decide to make a purchase. We hope you continue to shop and read with us, and enjoy what we put together hoping to inspire and help create fresh, new spaces with budget (always) in mind. Follow our pinterest boards for more help and ideas on how to develop beautiful, soft-landing spaces for your rental homes, real estate staging, your personal homes, workplace, ect.

With Gratefulness & Love,

Leah Y & family