Halloween Decor Fav 5

Oct 14, 2023

Is anyone else down to the week of decorating for fall? Well....I have a 4 year old and 2 year old and act like I have 10 kids and theyre all infants....its just too much sometimes. All the time. OK....everyday is a struggle. And you want me to plan decorating for holidays?

Amazon 2-day shipping it is.

5 Decorations that are easy, cheap & get here FAST!

1.  Witches Hats 

halloween decor

At 9.99, go ahead and get these adorable decor items!!! (44% off)


2.  Fall Plaid Rug

orange and black rug halloween

How. Stinking. Adorable. If youre like me, this may be all you have time for. Throw a cute colored seasonal rug down, drop the bucket of candy, and head around the corner with your kids.

3. Solar-Powered Orange and Purple lights

<$20 and you have lights for the next 5 years!!! Have fun while they are young, nothing is better than holiday decor when youre a kiddo!

4.  Not - So- Scary Halloween Neon Pumpkin Sign

I adore this kind of stuff, my boys are young and i do NOT like anything scary!!!

This pumpkin sign is priced right 30% off at $14


5.  Inflatable pumpkin + Ghost

host pumpkin

You get 3 inflatables here for <$40!!! And with lights, youre decor = done!!!

Clink LINK HERE for Inflatables ^

We hope you have a not-so-scary halloween this year and enjoy some wonderful moments with your little ones!!! Each link above is reinbursed with affiliate promotion payments, affiliate promotion. I did take the time to shop, to reach, and time away from my family to hopefully add to yours!!! Thank you for shopping with us! 

-Leah, Your host ;)