Amazon Deal Days Vacation Rental Must-Haves

Oct 10, 2023

Money-Saving Hosts

Welcome to our blog post on Amazon rental must-have's! Whether you're an experienced host who has their unit running smoothly or just started managing your own rental, cohosting too- this blog is for anyone looking to level-up & score some MAJOR deals from Prime Deal Days October 2023. Use it as a checklist or use it as an idea builder. Happy Shopping & make sure to snag those discounts the off season....while you have time!

1. TV's & Electronics

Insignia 50" Smart TV-<<< Link here

We all know how valuable having not only a smart TV is, but a LARGE TV for our guests. This one comes in at 27% off, making it just $219. 

This TV Mount 37-75" TV's <<<Link Here

Will keep your TV up and out of arm's reach from children. Making your unit safer and protecting all of your guests from injury/harm!

Insignia 43" 37% off, $170.

This discount is bigger than black!

Bose Wireless Speaker-Portable & Water-Resistant

Deal = $159 (27% off)

2. Towels & Linen

Turkish Towel Set<<<Link here

This set is WONDERFUL because you can wash with whites & bleach, it does not fade, comes in many colors (we use navy) and the price is amazing! At 46% off, price is $24 for a 6-pack!

Lane Linen Towel Set

30% off, this set is $55

The 18-piece set includes 6 Bath Towels - 28" x 54" , 6 Hand Towels - 16" x 28" and 6 Wash Cloths - 13" x 13"

I know I do NOT like to ever get a message saying we didnt leave out enough towels or there was 'dirty spot' on one of our bathcloths. SO, we stock plenty of these to ensure our cleaners never have a reason not to provide plenty of spotless pieces for our guests who deserve the best!

Utopia Bath Rug 2-piece set <<<<click here

53% off $14 for the SET!!!

Honestly a game-changer was when our cleaner told us to order these bathroom 'mats' that can be thrown in the wash with the towels. That way, memory foam rugs that get smelly & dirty so easily are not let out for guests. These give the bathrooms that fresh hotel look-feel that they need & gives guests the assurance the first step out of the shower will be the cleanest. YES, i am ordering two. sets for all of my units at this price.

Towel Warmer  <<<<link here

Two words : Level up

$116 and you have just bought so many amazing reviews because who has this?!?!? YOURWELCOME. :)  (23% off)

6-Pack Utopia Towel Set
Same Brand as the Bath matts above, 41% off this set is an AMAZING deal at $29, making each towel <$5 per unit. 

Get. It. Now. 

These Hotel-grade cooling pillows <<<LINK HERE<<<

The 2-pack is just $32, and at 72% off this is a MAJOR deal. Down alternative pillows are great for making sure the guests with allergies are well-taken care of and thought about. 

3. Outdoor Furniture & Decor

120-Gallon Outdoor Storage Container<<<CLICK LINK HERE>>>

Includes a pad-lock. 20% off this storage box from East Oak makes it $184. It also comes in other sizes smaller and larger. 

For our unit, we cary this size so all of our chairs, toys, ect can stay nice and organized / hidden from the outside elements making them last longer!


The 60-ft option gives you a 25% discount at $44.

Does not go on your electric bill.

Comes with a remote.

Do not have to remember to plug it in or have an outlet nearby!

Ordering for my own home....check.

Wicker Rattan Furniture Set <<<LINK HERE>>>

All four of these pieces for $300. With 20% savings on big deal days, stacking that discount on top of Amazon's already lower priced items....and you get the best of the best.

5-piece Wicker Outdoor Set with Footstool & storage table<<<CLICK HERE FOR LINKK>>>

Just to be 100% honest, this is the ONLY deal on this list that isnt a "big deal". Yet priced at $204, with 5% off and a $15 coupon i could NOT not highlight this set. Let me also add Lowe's sold this set for double the price 1 year ago when we were looking at getting a different set. The value here is huge.

4. Outdoor Camera's, locks & thermostats

Ring is having a field day with Amazon Discounts. Take a peak at these steals >20% off

Ring's 3D floodlight Motion Detect Outdoor Camera (LINK HERE)

Coming in at <$200, this camera will come in VERY handy in many spots. With duo purpose in providing your guests extra security with motion sensing, keeping a safe and protected feel for you AND those visiting your property. 

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 40% Off!!!<<<CLICK HERE<<<

This price at $149 is the lowest I have EVER seen and for those who are just starting out or may just need one more to add on to their property, these cameras will help protect you from problems and situations that could arise. I sleep better at night having a camera on ALL of our exterior doors. Always have, always will.

Google Nest Doorbell & Video Camera 2nd Generation<<<CLICK HERE<<<

This is us. We use this. We LOVE this.

Charge is amazing and records for weeks/months, many hours and recordings, before needing to be hooked up to charge. The connection has never been lost. The video is ALWAYS clear. Cannot say enough good things about this camera, we do love our nest Products.

It comes in grey & white, different color options.

17% off. $149. And youre SET.


HONEYWELL smart energy-saver thermostat <<<LINK HERE<<<

$125 at 30% off!!!!!

Cannot tell you all of the great stories I have heard surrounding this product. There are many different options out there but the ease of use for both the guests AND hosts have many saying this has been THEIR game-changer. No matter which thermostat you go with, setting that minimum temperature to be 'within reason' can save you 100's a year with electric bills. Sometimes cleaners forget. Sometimes days after a guest leaves, the unit sits empty. And this added control here and there can help you manage smarter.

5. Vacuums & Equipment

amazon rental party supplies

Cordless Vacuum High Speed

This sucker is $148  (80% off......!!!!!)+ a $33 coupon, making it just $115!!!

And all the cleaners say, Amen.

Samsung Cordless Vacuum <<<Link HERE

Not to be outdone is this Samsung Brand Cordless 30% off at $279.

Power Station<<<LINK HERE<<<

Take note people. It has, 3 adapter sites, USB AND....AND USC. Guess what, people will appreciate you so much for providing these things ahead of time. We all need to stay connected. 

41% off.   $9.   No Excuses, Get it!!!


XL double pack (black & color) is 15% off at $33. Shop ink for your rentals or home office here^^^

6. Books & Games

Real Estate Books <<<Link>>>

Brandon Turner can teach nearly everyone something about real estate. And while the economy is the way it is, it is time for us to enroll back into college of knowlege and strap our brains with tips and tricks for the next deal. Oh and...the book is 53% off!!!

Audible books for as low as $3.99

Board Games

Cheap Couples Games at $13 <<<LINK HERE>>>

Little things like this can go a long way.  When renters or guests are rained out, snowed out, wind-to-heavy-out, they will either look around and find things wrong....OR they will pop open the game cabinet and take a peak at some entertainment options. You can provide them with ways to still enjoy their stay even on a rainy or chilly day. :) 

Trivial Pursuit is 38% off making it $27 right now click here

Herd Mentality - 24% off NOW - $17

7. Lighting

Phillips Hue Light Bulbs - SMART 3-pack 

44% off friends! 

We have these at Our own home and our units. Changing the colors, telling google to dim the lights to a certain percentage & controlling the mood all with the google home app on your phone is all too easy to have some extra fun for SUPER cheap. $75 (Normally $134)

Phillips Hue Starter Pack

And if youre new to phillips hue, this starter pack is JUST what you need. The Bridge unlocks the full power of Hue; control up 50 lights and accessories in multiple rooms; set automations, control your lights from anywhere in the world. (((hello hosts.....anywhere in the world!)))

Get this pack for $134, 25% off - they do NOT go on sale very often. This is most likely much better than any black friday deals.

8. Other

Pack N Play Only $43.99 <<<CLICK LINK HERE>>>

This Baby, is a steal of a deal. And you know what highers your placement in airbnb? Amenities. You know what is a pain for parents of kiddos less than 2? Sleeping arrangements. This is so easy to place one time and the amount they are needed to be Re-placed is minimal.

Chico Stroller Compact $151.... 24% off <<<LINK HERE>>>

Same Principal as above. Prepared parents = Happy guests.....Happy guests = Great Reviews. Great reviews = ......

You get the point.

You should all also know these links are affiliate links, as I am an AMAZON affiliate, meaning anything and everything I provide a link to i could get a small small comission off of. But only if choose to support a person on top of a product. :)

Ok friends. That about wraps up these amazing steals! Check back on our site for more blog posts, promotion opportunities & follow our instagram (linked at the top of our homepage) for more frequent day-to-day tips for hosts, cohosts & guests at our units!