2023 Mac + Tech Gadgets you need

Dec 15, 2023

When I tell you I was at my whits end with neck pain from looking down at my old Mac that couldnt connect to a large-screen monitor, I was about to give up any kind of screen time OR make a fast switch.

The person I spoke with said this computer was "fast", the new 2023 M2 chip processor was going to be a night and day difference from my 2017 version. 

He also said if I wanted to connect to the universal screen monitor connections like we had, the USC would be my only option. We have HP monitors at home via my husband's work, so cost effectively knowing we would not be (nor ever be) spending 2-3K on a single apple screen....I said take me to it.

He then followed with....your storage starts out at 4X the amount as your current computer, oh and....

18+ hours of battery life! (apple macbook photographed below link)

I was done, had heard enough. I wanted it, and I honestly did not think it would be "that" fast with out internet, but boy was I wrong. 

I feel relieved and so much more productive with the speed and connectivity. I also am not chasing around my charger every day and carrying it with me to the coffee shop. (BIG WIN)

Left = MACBOOK PRO Starlight.      Right = silver 13" 2017 mac air


CLICK HERE FOR SAME MODEL NOW $200 off & on amazon - in time for christmas still! (As of december 17th)

Pictured above is my Starlight color-2023 APPLE macbook 

>>>>>>>>>Below I am going to feature 4 more techy gadgets mompreneurs, business owners, social media gurus, husbands, dad, men, property managers, real estate agents, real estate investors, family members.....ok enough. You get it...<<<<<<<

All of these items are sure to make wonderful gifts for those that follow into one or several of these categories suchas I


apple air tag + money clip wallet is under our tree for someone at our house (shhhh dont tell him


actually THIS ONE is what is under our tree. Forgive me...HOW STINKING COOL! What they are doing now is making the cards slidable up because of a new technology allowing the chip on your card to be read and info taken just form someone that walks close to you! Soooo Scary. So this black encasement prevents anything credit card wise from being scanned / stolen! 



This product below was featured in one of our other articles recently on gifts and it sold like crazy!!! Look how neat (features below)

Whilel you can pair it to any device, it is perfect for the person on the go say with frequent business trips, the airplane napper, the n-laws napper, the gym introvert, how stinking cool! 

Play your favorite song OR tune in sleep music and help drown out noise while keeping that head and those ears toasty.



And speaking of the gym....take a peak at this HOT item since 2020 that keeps upgrading with the greatest technology brought straight in your home.

I cant think of anything more powerful that improving someone's health, which in turn improves their mental health.

This Peleton Bike is on DEAL ALERT right now (December 2023).

With a 22" HD touch screen display, I am listing below everything Peleton as a company delivers to ensure excellent accountability.

  • GAME-CHANGING CARDIO – Clip into the Peloton Bike for a workout experience that goes beyond cycling, whether you’re cruising or sprinting as you climb the Leaderboard with other Members
  • SMALL-SPACE FRIENDLY – Peloton Bike has a compact, 4‘ x 2’ footprint, and an adjustable seat, handlebar, and screen, which tilts to accommodate different heights. This stationary bike fits comfortably in your home whether you’re low on square footage or working around furniture.
  • CONTROLS and FEATURES – Peloton Bike features a resistance knob for manual control, 2-channel rear-facing stereo speaker system with 16 watts of total power, 10-point multitouch touchscreen, USB microport, 3.5 mm headphone jack, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, 5 megapixel front-facing camera, built-in microphone, and up and down volume buttons.
  • VALUE-PACKED MEMBERSHIP – A Peloton All-Access Membership must be purchased separately in order to access Peloton content on your Bike. You’ll pay Dollar 44/mo for your entire household and get unlimited access to our entire library of content available on your Bike and the Peloton App. Age, height, and weight restrictions apply. Your account can be activated during Bike setup.
  • #5

Please read what this does!!! Currently on sale <$150

*For those who cant splurge on the bike! Get this + the peleton membership! 

Peloton Guide AI-Powered Personal Strength Training Device

You'll pay Dollar 24/mo for up to 5 people and get access to content available on your Guide and the Peloton App.

(Existing All-Access Members do not need a separate Guide Membership)

Power this up on your TV at home or at a friend's house, and the camera / world class instructors does the rest!

Like a personal trainer, Peloton Guide will seamlessly count your reps, set target goals, and track the weight you lift so you can improve and grow stronger. This feature also keeps track of time-based movements as well as EMOM (every minute on the minute) and AMRAP (as many reps as possible) 



This BOSE speaker is now 20% off and ships before christmas! (ONLY IN THE CYPRESS GREEN COLOR listed above) The other colors wont make it here before christmas but are still on SALE!

This speaker floats, is waterproof, and offers 12+ hours of battery life!

*Note the fabric hook on the end, making it easier to clip on your backpack when hiking or hang nearby on a beach chair / umbrella tent.


reMarkable tablet is the hottest new business tablet tool

So this is more of a self-gift since it will be delivered after christmas, check out these things this new electronic tablet does!

  • Includes reMarkable 2, a digital notebook for paper-like writing with 10.3" digital paper display; Marker Plus with built-in eraser; polymer weave Book Folio cover; and a 1-year Connect subscription.
  • EXPERIENCE PAPER WITH DIGITAL POWERS – Meet the paper tablet that redefines note-taking, with a paper feel never experienced before on a digital device.
  • FIND YOUR FOCUS – Free from distractions, you can stay focused and think clearly. No pop-up ads, notifications, or social media. Just you and your thoughts.
  • STAY ORGANIZED – Store all your handwritten notes, to-do lists, PDFs, ebooks, and sketches in one place. Organized, and easy to find.   I hope all of you business-preneurs have a wonderfully slow Christmas and a mighty blessed 2024. May your downtime be filed with family, friends, laughter and memories you hold dear.

Some of these links above have affiliate comissions I may earn if you choose to buy. We enjoyed putting together these products and have enjoyed using many as well. Thank you for your time reading, 

Blessings & Love,